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Alcidio Abrão

Alcídio Abrão, Brazilian physical chemist (São José da Bela Vista, São Paulo State 18/08/1925 – São Paulo 03/03/2011)
Authored over 180 works


A method to obtaining uranium with pure nucleus via ionic exchange (1961) with F.W. Lima;  patented in 1968

Amidoxine resin

A process for semi quantitative identification of gallium using ionic resin (1995)

Methods for lithium determination in amblygonite and other compounds

Described a single procedure for isolating the short half life thallium 208 from common thorium salts in Radiochemical separation of thallium from thorium by anion exchange resin: A 208TI reservoir. J. Chem. Educ. 41(11), 1964  


With E.A.J. Martins. Production process of metallic sulphides in low temperature using solid-solid reaction in one step (2002)

With E.A.J. Martins. Process for removal and recovery of silver and its salts from films, plates and photographic papers (2002)

With P.E. O. Lainetti. Injection dispositive for decomposition process of dangerous and reactive organic wastes  in salts, metals ou molten slags (2005)

With S.B. Alvarinho & A.R. Cotrim. Process for recovery of copper, nickel, cobalt and zinc from an acid or basic solution (2006)

With A.R. Cotrim & M.E. Moraes. Process for isolation/recovery of cobalt and manganese in exhausted catalysts (2008)

Production of uranium tetrafluoride by aqueous technique

With F.M.S. Carvalho, J.C. Ferreira, J.F.R. Almeida & S.B. Alvarinho. Environmental remediation process of fowl runs with removal of ammonia and its use in the production of fertilizers and hydrogen generation (2007)

Repair of ammonium tricarbonate and uranyl by continuous and periodic precipitation of washing column organic phase


The use of separan as a maximum suppressor in polarography (1962)

With F. W. Lima. Separation of bismuth from lead with (Ethylenediamine) tetraacetic acid. Application to Radiochemistry (1958)

With F.W. Lima & C. Pagano. Recovery of cesium-137 from fission products in wastes of nuclear reactor installations (1959)  

With F. W. Lima & R.R.Pieroni. Improved urinary excretion test for assay of vitamin B-12  tagged with cobalt-60. Anais Assoc. Bras. Quim. 18:167, 1959.

With F.W. & L.T. Atalla. Production of carrier-free phosphorus-32 by using sulphates as material for irradiation

With M.J.C. Nastasi. Construction and operation of a proportional gas flow counter (1968)

A rapid radiochemical ion-exchange separator of iodine from tellurium. A novel radioiodine 132 generator (1974)