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Adem brothers

José Adem Chahin, Mexican mathematician (Tuxpan, Veracruz State 27 October 1921 – Ciudad de Mexico 14 February 1991)
Son of Lebanese immigrants
Developed formulae about Steenrod algebras worldwide known
With S. Gitler & Y.K. Lam defined secondary operations
Performed important contributions to immersion problem


Adem relations

Adem extension theorem (1952)

Adem formula

Adem phenomenon

Adem-Cartan operads

Adem-Cartan algebra
His brother, Julián Adem Chahín, mathematician and geophysicist (Tuxpan, Veracruz State 08 Janeiro 1924 -  
Authored over 136 works

Presented the first correct explanation of cyclones motion towards Northwest in North Hemisphere

Series solution for the barotropic vorticity equation and its application in the study of atmospheric vortices. Tellus 8:364-72, 1956

Developed a thermodynamic climate model for climate prediction known as Adem model

On the normal state of the troposphere-ocean continent system in the Northern Hemisphere. Geofis. Intern. 4:3-32, 1964

Developed Adem model for energy balance

On the theory of the general circulation of the atmosphere. Tellus 14:102-115, 1962
A parametric method for computing the mean water budget of the atmosphere. Tellus 20:621-32, 1968
With E.E. Villanueva & V.M. Mendoza. A new method to estimate the seasonal cycle of the heat balance at the ocean surface, with special application to the Gulf of Mexico. Geofis. Internat. 32:21-4, 1993